Frequently Asked Questions

How many clients does Burney have and what are the assets under management?

Burney has over 3,000 clients and over $1 billion in assets under management.

What investment strategies are offered?

Most clients hire us with a growth mandate and we have two strategies tailored for that objective: SSR and Master. Many clients seek both growth and income and we will focus on higher yielding equities to meet that objective.

Do all clients own the same stocks?

We build customized portfolios for most clients in which case no two portfolios will hold the exact same stocks. Clients who elect to utilize the Master Portfolio will own the same stocks.

Can a client have input into the selection of investments?

Clients select the mandate and constraints for their portfolio but the Portfolio Manager selects the securities to buy for the portfolio.  Visit our stock selection page for an explanation of the Burney stock selection process.

How is client money protected with the Burney Company?

Assets are held with a third party federally insured broker-dealer who provides regular reporting of assets held and valuations. The Burney Company never takes custody of client assets.

What type of reporting is provided?

The Burney Company provides quarterly reports detailing the portfolio and assets managed, the management fees charged, and the value of assets upon which the fees are based.  Additional reports are available upon request.

Where are the Portfolio Managers located?

Burney Company Portfolio Managers are located in offices throughout the country.

What are the fees and how are clients billed?

Fees are based on a percentage of assets managed and are billed quarterly in arrears.

What is the difference between a Brokerage Firm and an RIA?

Unlike broker-dealers, Registered Investment Advisors have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients.  This means that we, as an RIA, must put client interests before our own and are proud of our long-standing record of trust and integrity.

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